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Poor Workplace Productivity - Is Your Office The Culprit? [Video]

Perhaps it's a good thing that the Northern Hemisphere is heading into winter.

According to a recent article on workplace performance, a study by the Captivate Network a few years ago found that 'workplace productivity drops 20 percent during the summer months, attendance decreases by 19 percent, projects take 13 percent more time to complete and workers are 45 percent more distracted.'

To make matters worse, it has been suggested, in this fascinating article by Ilya Pozin, that many employees enjoy distracting themselves at work with non-value-add 'busy' work such as organising their files, data entry, and scrolling through emails.

Hardly 'World's Greatest Workforce' material, is it?

Can We Blame Staff For Low Workplace Productivity?

Is it fair to blame employees for their unproductive efforts or is there something deeper at play?

For a different perspective, take a look at this intriguing TED talk by Software entrepreneur, Jason Fried.

Jason Fried is a co-founder of the hugely success tech firm, 37signals. The company's powerful work collaboration tools include Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, Campfire, and Writeboard. The comapny also developed and open-sourced the Ruby on Rails programming framework.

We've already seen the rise of the remote worker but how far and how fast will the concept spread?

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