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How To Easily Turn An Existing Video Into Smart Training [Hint: We'll Do It For You]

Now there is an easy way to create interesting, interactive online training for your employees.
Even better, it’s free.
Create One Smart, Interactive Online Training Course For Free (First 100 People Only)
To introduce Practice Rocks to a wider community of learning and development experts, we’re giving 100 people the opportunity to create their own smart online training course.
The smart training course creation service is normally a paid service but you now have a limited time to get one for free.
Before we look at how it all works, let’s consider why you’d want to create interactive e-learning.
5 Big Reasons To Get Your Free Smart Training Course Today
Here are five reasons why you would not want to miss out on one of these 100 free smart training creation places (you can request access right now here).
  1. Your employees will thank you. Rather than inflicting the ‘Death-by-PowerPoint’ training method upon your staff, you’ll be giving your team the opportunity to ‘learn by doing’. Which of these two methods do you think is likely to be more effective and more enjoyable for your staff: watching a long boring video and answering questions at the end or working through live examples and getting instant feedback as they progress through the training?
  2. We’ll do the work for you. Do you already have a video of what you want to training or can you quickly record one? If so, you’ve already got the content that you need. We’ll take that video and turn it into an interactive training course that’s available to your staff online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Your line managers will be very impressed. Practice Rocks will allow you to pinpoint what aspects of the training your staff find easy and where more help is required. Your line managers will have realtime performance data to better manage their teams.
  4. There’s no need to call your IT department. Your interactive smart training course requires no tech work, no software installation. Simply open your online account and we’ll get started.
  5. It’s free! Yes, we’re giving away 100 of these smart training creation spots on a first come, first served basis. Why? We’re so confident that when you’ve created your first interactive online training course that employees and managers love, you’ll help spread the word about Pratice Rocks.
We’re about to start promoting these 100 free course-creation slots so they will not last for long: request your free course here.
How Does It Work?
There are four easy steps:
  1. Send us the video of the training you want to convert into smart interactive training. Don’t have a video? Most computers now have screen recording software which means you can quickly video the process and send us the file (we’d prefer an online version such as a YouTube link but either way is fine).
  2. Tell us which parts of the video you’d like to be made interactive.
  3. We convert the video into interactive training and send you the link to share with your staff.
Let’s look at a practical example of how it works.
Example Course Creation
Here’s how you could take an existing video and ask us to turn it into a highly-effective interactive online training session.
First, send us the video link (or video file). In this case, a 4:45 minute video about using PowerPoint:
Interactive Software Training SaaS Tool
Next, tell us which parts of the video you’d like to be made interactive.
In this example, you could list out what sections you want covered and made clickable:
  • Welcome video: From 0:00 to 00:15
  • How to set a tab to home: From 00:15 to 00:33
  • How to insert a new comment: From 00:33 to 01:20
  • How to add a new slide: From 01:20 to 01:38
  • How to zoom in the page: From 01:38 to 01:55
  • How do you set the pane to fit to window: From 01:55 to 02:05
  • How to minimize the slide notes section: From 02:05 to 02:24
  • How do you enable slides sorter view: From 02:24 to 03:17
  • How do you enable slideshow view to present to an audience: From 03:17 to 03:25
  • How do you change a size of the slides to 16:10: From 03:25 to 04:38
  • Closing video: From 04:38 to 04:44.
A simple text list like you see above is fine or you may prefer to do it in a spreadsheet.
How To Turn A Video Into Smart Online Training
And you’re done!
We do we need these in rows?
We need the sections broken out in rows so that we can make sure the training flows properly and is done in such a way that you can add questions and tests to check that the person has understood the training.
Send us the video link and the list of what you want included and we’ll get to work.
What Will Practice Rocks Do To Make The Video Interactive?
In short, we watch your video and where you click with your mouse, we make it clickable on the screen.
This means you can play a short explanatory video clip and then run an interactive sessions immediately after the video ends.
The person will get instant feedback on whether or not they’ve clicked in the right places and used the software correctly.
Here’s how it looks when it’s done: click here to see interactive training example.
PPT Clip Final.PNG
Interested? Take A Look Now
Places are limited so request your free course here now.

We’re looking forward to producing your first interactive course with you!

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