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A New Type Of E-Learning To Improve Your Workforce's Productivity

We've all come across examples of less than stellar performance in the workplace.

Workplace Productivity Challenges

Have you experienced any of these types of challenges in your workplace?

  • Staff entering incorrect expense reports requiring the finance team to do uncosted, time-sucking rework
  • Sales teams taking half a day each week for their sales reports when it should only take them 20 minutes.
  • Late and substandard work due to staff being slow on company software systems.
  • Other such errors, delays, and unproductive work.

These mistakes are expensive because of lost billing, rework costs, and additional labour costs (not to mention fewer client referrals).

New Employee Productivity

What about your new employees?

How long until they reach full productivity?

Even if they are future world-beaters, new employees can be a drain on their team.

It can take several months before a new employee is contributing at 100% capacity.

This can be very frustrating for all involved.

Traditional Methods Of Training Staff

New and existing employees usually learn new software packages by four traditional methods:

  1. Death-by-PowerPoint’ lectures on how to use company systems and software packages. Staff forget the training by the end of the day.
  2. Informal instruction by busy co-workers. ‘Trainers’ are existing staff members who are passing on incorrect or inefficient methods taught to them by their predecessor.
  3. Searching Google or YouTube for answers is slow and is not specific to company software or work challenges. Memorising a YouTube video is a slow process. The search is repeated by every employee with the same problem (there's another productivity issue).
  4. E-learning with static slide presentations and videos. Again, most trainees will forget the boring e-learning by the end of the day. Even worse, employees can game the system by taking screenshots so they have the answers ready when it’s time for the quiz at the end (this happens more often than companies would like to admit). 

There Is Now A New Training Option - 'Learn By Doing' Software

Practice Rocks is different.

'Learn By Doing' Software Training: Your employees can now learn by doing.

No death-by-Powerpoint or endless video sessions. Your staff will learn using interactive mockups of the software they need to use every day.

An Example Of The New Way To Training Your Team Quickly

For example, if you want your sales staff to input their sales figures faster each week so they're back out there selling, you have a few options.

You could send them to an expensive course which will be good but they'll forget the content after a few weeks.

You could make them read slides via your e-learning portal but we all know how that's going to turn out.

You could even show them some videos explaining the process.

But what would happen if you opened up the sales management software, took a few quick screenshots, and demonstrated how to do it with a simple Practice Rocks demonstration?

What would happen if your sales team then used that quick, easy online demonstration to work through the example with real live clicks and data entry examples which required them to learn by doing? (They'd be told instantly if they were doing something correctly or incorrectly).

Answer: Your team would learn the software system much faster and they'd remember how to do it next time.

Instant Feedback During Training: They’d get 24/7 tips and instant feedback on how well they’re doing when training on a particular program.

Training Updates For Managers: Managers would get instant reports on training completion, who had difficulty with the training, and where further support may be required.

Instant feedback for managers helps them decide which areas to focus on, all in real-time.

Effective Training: Best of all, the training will actually sink in.

Better Results: Employees will get better and faster at their jobs and make fewer mistakes.

You’ll have boosted company productivity and helped reduce costs through fewer errors . . . all without increasing employee headcount.

Request Practice Rocks Interactive Software Training Demonstration

Want To Boost Employee Productivity?

If you'd like to see how Practice Rocks can increase productivity in your business, simply request a live or recorded demonstration now.

To learn more about what Practice Rocks can do, visit our Training Product page.

1 comment:

  1. I was grateful to my colleague for the fact that at a crisis moment for
    the company he found a value decision and advised me e-learning for employees God knows, guys, I just didn't know how to increase the performance of several departments. None of the staff would have had the time to attend many hours of seminars. In the end, when I realized how effective it's possible to analyze, predict and improve the learning process, I was able to make sure that this is the best software I have ever applied. Eventually, the crisis passed and the employees really opened their hidden talents and opportunities after learning.


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