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How To Avoid This Common Recruitment Mistake

We’ve noticed a trend in the recruitment industry in recent times - there’s been a lot of talk about the mistakes made by recruiters.

International best-selling author of ‘Tipping Point’, Malcolm Gladwell, even delivered an intriguing presentation on the topic of recruitment ‘mismatch’.

Take a look for yourself in the video below in which Gladwell draws upon fascinating stories from the world of sport, education, and even airline pilots to explain the mismatch problem.

The 'Mismatch Problem'

"The mismatch problem: when the criteria we use to assess someone's ability to do a job are radically out of step with the actual demands of the job itself."

Of particular interest in Gladwell’s talk is this line:

"The world has profoundly changed but the way we hire people hasn't changed along with it. We want to cling to thee incredibly outdated and simplistic measures of ability.”

What Are Other Experts Saying?

Much has been said on a similar theme of hiring, selection, and the inability to select for the right skills.
For instance, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that many recruiters and hiring managers select the wrong people due to flawed interview techniques.

Indeed, in her excellent article on  'The 7 Mistakes Recruiters Make With Candidates,' Barbara Bruno included these hiring errors:

  • Mistake #1: “Having selective hearing – ignoring red flags. When you hear red flags you must hit them head on. Red flags just don’t disappear; they actually become more prevalent throughout the placement process.”
  • Mistake #6: “Asking close-ended or multiple choice questions. If you ask questions that are multiple choice, you may be putting parameters up that don’t really exist. Your candidate’s answer could be, “all of the above” or “none or the above.” When you ask close-ended questions, you are limiting the information you will obtain.”

In a similar vein, the career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide, Roy Cohen, suggested that some recruiters were setting themselves up for failure by not understanding the requirements of each role.

Source: Recruiting Daily
Cohen rightly pointed out:

Recruiters rarely have a deep understanding of the industries and jobs they are pitching candidates for. They often send in multiple candidates representing a range of qualifications and personalities hoping that one will be a home-run; some check all of the boxes, others are outliers. When you don’t prepare your clients with basic information about the interviewers and job functions – as an interviewee – there is no way to know what to highlight and what to play down. Candidates will not be able to outshine and outlast the competition.

To put it another way, many candidates are getting through to the hiring manager without the skills required to do the job.

Your New Competitive Advantage

Does all this talk of recruitment mismatches and recruiter mistakes sound a little depressing?

It doesn’t have to be.

Mistakes made by other recruiters can become your competitive advantage.

By becoming an early adopter of clever new technology that screens out unsuitable candidates, you’ll set yourself apart as a recruiter that only brings in top candidates.

Even better, sending in fewer unsuitable candidates means that your ‘Time To Fill’ will decrease as you become more efficient.

And the good news? We’ve just released new candidate assessment software to help make this happen for you.

A New Candidate Assessment Tool To Set You Apart

We've built Practice Rocks to help recruiters know whether or not a candidate can actually do what they say they can do.

We have invented a platform for creating smart candidate assessment for any software application using adaptive methods, while validating practical skills and providing performance analytics including score, speed, accuracy, and a detailed performance breakdown by question and topic.

Now you can show your employer clients your easily-created software simulations using screenshots without any plugins or installations.

It’s easy, fast, and very impressive for employers.

Want To Take A Look?

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